What are the implications in the long term for MBA Fees?

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Who will explain the reality of fee increases to students applying for university entrance? While this issue is most important for undergraduates, are there any implications in the long term for MBA Fees?

Whether you think that the policy behind it is right or wrong, it seems that the ‘hearts and minds’ campaign to convince students of the fairness of both the proposed increases (and the ones already in effect) on university tuition is backfiring.

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There are two things that we are seeing among UK school students and undergraduates.

1. Students do not understand the proposed fee increases

The first is that current students do not realise that there will be no more of an upfront payment due under the proposed scheme, than there is under the present scheme – under which they entered and will leave higher education.

This perhaps shows that government assumptions that everyone understands the new policy are not true and, in such a major change to higher education, this position needs stating time and again until the message hits home.

It has long been a given that experienced managers expect to pay for MBA Fees – now it will become the norm for undergraduates to pay fees.

2. Teachers in the dark about university entry

The second thing is that the teachers advising those who are going to apply for entry are hopelessly in the dark. As intelligent people, they will have read and heard the news and have the basic information they need from there, but whilst universities themselves are digging to find the nuances of the Browne report and beginning to formulate their response to it. Schools and colleges have their everyday business to run as usual.

Higher education entry is an important part of their business but it is only one part of that business – and it is at the farthest end of their remit.

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Not only do universities have a duty to keep advising our next generation of students about how we are working through the implications of Browne generally, but I hope we also take on board and include schools and colleges – who provide the majority of our students now and in the future – in our conversations.

Have you found that students and teachers understand the reality of university fee increases for those young people applying for entry?

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