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Online Super Tutors is one of the UK’s most reputed education consultancies, with a strong pedigree in educational provision and achievement. We are uniquely placed to help all students, including both you and your child, take academic decisions that are right for you.

We also offer legal and careers advice to help you make the right choices and cover every angle. For all consultations, the first session is free – so we can get you started on the right tracks. Members get access to monthly education consultation meetings at no additional cost.

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What consultancies do we offer?

Education Consultation (Free)

Before starting classes, get advice immediately and at no cost: Fully understand the needs of the student, build a roadmap to successful learning and even get free help and guidance for learning impairments such as dyslexia.

Legal Advice & Funding (Free)

Free legal consultation: Find out what you are eligible for (get up to 80% refunded for tuition), and get help with a wide range of family legal issues. You'd be surprised at what you are entitled to. Book a session today to find out. The first one is 100% free.

Careers Advice (Free)

A free first consultation to help demystify the further training and education opportunities available to you. From college, university and apprenticeship applications, to exploring career transition options, and women returning to the workplace after maternity leave.

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Get started straight away - pick your subject and you will get access to one of our specialised Super Tutors who will help you get on track with subjects you need. Most of our tutors teach multiple subjects and the first class is on us.

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Consultancy benefits

Set The Stage For A Promising Future With Free Education Consultancy

At Online Super Tutors, we offer free education consultancy to all parents, carers and students who wish to take-up tutoring services with us. Our consultants have years of experience working in the UK academic sector and we can help you take mindful decisions that support your future plans. If you need any help with your child’s learning and tutoring, please feel free to speak to a member of our team today. Our academic consultants and super tutors are here to address any question you may have. 

We use a collaborative approach to assessment and consultancy. We sit with you to determine what is the best approach for each student on an individual level. We even offer a free tutoring session with a tutor of your choice, so your we can determine their fit with the tutor.

Benefits you will get

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Find sustainable ways to manage learning difficulty, with our expert help

According to studies published by the Office for National Statistics, around 1.5 million people in the UK have a learning disability, of which 2.5% are children.

Our experienced consultants at Online Super Tutors have worked with hundreds of students with learning difficulties like dyslexia, dyspraxia and autism. We are equipped to help you create an actionable and sustainable plan to help your child/ward who has a learning difficulty, have a seamless and enjoyable academic experience.

During the assessment, we will be able to determine the learning pedagogy that works best for the student and which maximizes their learning efficiency. Additionally, we check-in with your tutor regularly, to fine-tune our pedagogy, to ensure your child/ward receives the best tutoring possible.

If you have any specific requirements from us, please do let us know. Our priority is the student’s comfort and learning experience.

Legal Consultancy benefits

Our Ofsted-registered consultants can offer legal family advice

Online Super Tutors is an Ofsted-registered education consultancy and we are specialized in offering free family legal advisory. We can assess the home and familial environment of the student, and provide recommendations on how parents/caretakers can foster an environment of learning and personality development.

Once we have a deep understanding of the challenges that you face, we sit with you to create a plan of action that is easy, affordable and risk-free to implement. Our number one priority is to give every student an equal opportunity to achieve their life goals, through robust academic tutoring.

If we deem that your child can benefit from and is eligible to receive financial benefit, we can refund 80% of our tutoring charges. We are able to do this thanks to our association with Childcare and charity benefits.

We work closely with the students' families to:

We work with experienced expert careers advisors to help you choose

The Careers Clinic can help with many challenging education and careers decisions:

  • Help demystify the further training and education opportunities available to you assist with college, university and apprenticeship  applications
  • Explore career transition options and create or help revamp CVs
  • Conduct mock interviews and help identify opportunities that match your skills and qualities
  • Support and advise women returning to work after maternity leave
  • … anything related to YOU, and the WORLD OF WORK!

If you wish to find out if you are eligible for our free support or if you require free education consultancy, contact us today.

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We offer a free education consultation for all new students and parents/carers. Members get extra sessions every month.

During the sessions you will be able to:

  • Work out and review a personalised approach for the student
  • Find out information related to schools, colleges, universities and examination preparation at all levels
  • See what extra help and benefits you can get at no extra cost.


We offer a free legal consultation for all new students and parents/carers.

During the session you will be able to:

  • See if you qualify for Childcare and up to 80% off tuition fees
  • Find out all the benefits you may be entitled to – without knowing it!
  • Get expert lawyers and solicitors to handle family, employment, housing, mental health and all other social service issues.

We work with The Careers Clinic, who are established professionals with years of experience in a range of careers related issues: You can:

  • Understand work and training options
  • Get help with applications for education and jobs
  • Identify your strengths and next steps.

All of our consultations come with a free first session. Your first step is to speak to a member of the team who can get you booked in for the most relevant expert. And once we understand your needs, we will be able to serve you better.

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