History is not just about past events. It is the study of change over time.

What we offer:

1-to-1 History classes

Our 1-to-1 history courses offer an excellent opportunity to work scientifically with a tutor who is sufficient experienced in teaching the subject. It is less challenging to gain an understanding of the range of scientific ideas pupils are expected to learn when they can bounce questions off our tutor.

Home-schooling or group History classes

Group classes enable peer-assisted learning and allow your child to observe what their peers know and how they learn. It provides them the opportunity to learn from peers and expand their scientific vocabulary. Group classes also inspire discussions and healthy debates that can further increase pupils’ interest in the subject.

History crash courses

Think your child can revise history content before moving to the next level? Is your child eager to get a headstart on the content they will be learning when they move to the key stage? Our crash course is exactly what your child needs to gain confidence or familiarity, depending on their current position.

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Be inspired

Stories from history can inspire children to greatness. Brilliant and heroic people have been immortalized in the annals of history as their acts have helped to change the shape of countries. By learning about such heroic people, you get motivated and inspired to do big things in life. You only need one great story from history to light up your child’s imagination and spur them on to great things.

Learn from mistakes

Philosopher George Santayana had famously said, “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.” Studying history gives you the opportunity to discuss morals and ethics. It is also a great way to teach children the world view. It helps you learn about past events, learn from mistakes made, and resist repeating them if a similar pattern emerges.

Education is not only about teaching children a bunch of facts. It is about creating individuals of character, individuals who have strong ethics and morals and can differentiate between right and wrong.

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History covers all aspects of human society, including social, political, economic, technological, scientific, medical, and other aspects of society. At Online Super Tutors, we understand that teaching history to children has many benefits. History gives you identity, and studying history improves your judgement and decision-making. It teaches you to learn from others’ mistakes and helps you become a good and responsible citizen in the long run.


Why should you teach children history?

History is a valuable academic subject that your child could learn. An appreciation of history is important to understand where we have come from. Only then can we better plan for the future.

Gain perspective

Children can get upset over the silliest of things as they lack perspective. By teaching your children history, you help them gain perspective. The problems and challenges that we face in the modern world are not very different from what people faced in the past.

People have despaired over what appeared to be a lost cause and have overcome calamities like plagues and floods. Even politics was not very different from what it is today.

By studying history, children learn that the problems we face today are similar to what people have been facing for centuries. They can research how people responded to certain problems in the past and figure out the best way to resolve such problems without repeating the mistakes of the past.





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Develop an understanding of the world

When you study history, you learn about past societies and their systems and ideologies. You also understand their cultures, their style of government, technologies they built, how they operated, and how they have changed. By understanding the rich history of the world, you get a better understanding of where we stand today.

By developing your understanding of history, you develop your understanding of different aspects of life. History can also help children learn about different civilizations, giving them a glimpse into cultures and people different from their own.

Understand identity

History provides identity. All countries in the world have a collection of stories and legends, which help people shape their perception of their countries. History helps you learn how your great institutions were formed and their contribution to where we stand today as a society.

For many children, looking back at incredible fellow countrymen could be a way for forming their identity. Understanding yourself as an individual and how you can leave an impact on the world can be a huge part of childhood. When you teach your child history, you help them learn about the identity of their country and subsequently carve their own.

Become a better person

History is all about stories, some chaotic, some depressing, and others inspiring and uplifting. When you teach your child history, there are many valuable lessons that they can learn. The lessons they learn from stories of joy or stories of suffering can be applied to their own life.


History also helps you get a better understanding of differences. The way people in the past interacted with others can provide some valuable lessons about how to handle differences. You can learn what to do and, more importantly, what not to do, when you interact with people who are different than you. Inclusivity is very important in our modern world. By understanding how past societies have integrated could prove immensely useful in improving the future.




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In-Depth Education

We only bring you the very best instructors available. Online Super Tutors live up to the name and have the qualifications and experience to back up that claim.

More Every Month

We use a wide range of digital tools and features to ensure all students are engaged and motivated, while also ensuring we all stay ahead of the rest. We encourage homework practice outside of the classroom to make sure skills are fine-tuned.

Positive Feedback

All of our tutors maintain excellent communication with students and parents/ guardians. The key to success is keeping everyone on the same page and extending our efforts beyond the classroom

Extra Support for Members

As a member, you get access to extra consultation sessions with an education expert. This means you can get personalised content and advice for this subject.

Practice Papers

As part of what we do, we always try to prepare for any and all assessments and examinations our students face. Taking these classes gives you free access to the test papers you need to improve.

Quizzes & Reports

As part of our commitment to communication we also strive to provide regular reporting on the progress of each and every student. This can be in the form of tests, assessments, quizzes or verbal feedback.

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Book a free education consultation session. 

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Online Super Tutors conducts online history classes in a synchronous learning format via Microsoft Teams, Google Meet, Zoom or Skype. Choose a platform of your preference and make sure you have a reliable internet connection for a smooth learning experience.

Our qualified teachers have experience tutoring pupils in history . They are adept at using proven strategies to make history fun and interesting, such as by appealing to their imagination and drawing from real-world cases and applications. Our friendly tutors build a quick rapport with pupils and are sensitive to their individual needs and learning goals. 

Our history lessons are usually held on every day of the week – depending on the tutors’ availability. Please reach out to us to learn about the specific time. We can reschedule a class if you’re unable to make it, and refund the fee if you let us know at least 24 hours in advance of the class.

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All our tutors at Online Super Tutors are highly qualified teachers with several years of experience tutoring the subject. All students/parents are entitled to free telephone consultation and email support when registered for a 1-to-1 class.

You may avail of an introductory session with one of our expert tutors at no cost. Get an assessment and speak with a consultant for free – to help you choose the perfect level. Some students may benefit from revising a lower level, while others may need to advance to a more challenging one.

We offer flexible classes suitable to your timetable. You can even change the scheduled sessions if required. Cancellations are refundable provided you make them 24hrs before class start time. Please see our Terms & Conditions for more information.

*We accept Child Care vouchers from Fideleti, Care-4, Edenred, and Kiddivouchers (up to 80% concessions).

–        A free consultation to allows students, tutors and parents/carers to fully understand needs and develop a roadmap to successful learning.

–      A free taster session to ensure that we’re compatible.

–      You receive free assessments and advice for learning difficulties such as dyslexia, dyspraxia and autism.

–      Our tutors have at least five years of experience teaching the subject or are qualified teachers. They are able to teach multiple subjects. They are Mensa members and gifted educators who know how to nurture the talents of all learners.

–      You get free legal consultation for all kinds of family issues, including up to an 80% refund for any academic classes – both one-to-one and group courses.

Feel free to discuss your requirements at length with our consultant. We look forward to hearing from you.

Tailor-Made Instruction​

Personalised Tuition With Experts​

Online Super Tutors has an inspired and intellectual team who are passionate about education and student development.

We know that every child has a unique ability. That’s why our tutors use a fun and inclusive teaching methodology that can help sharpen various skill sets in students. There’s something for every type of learner at Online Super Tutors.

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Remember that we offer a wide range of family legal services. The first check we make is whether you qualify to receive up to 80% of your tuition fees back. We can also help you find out what other benefits you are entitled to – post pandemic, you’d be surprised at what we should be receiving.

Our careers advisor is at hand to provide support and guidance with every kind of employment and work related challenge. Whether its for you or your child, find out what options there are and get help with tricky applications and CV editing.

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GCSE and A-Level at a glance

2021 GCSE Results

GCSEs are the first real qualification that a student needs to get involved in the world of work and further education. We always aim for the highest levels to ensure that college and sixth-form applications are successful for all of our students.

We keep track of the performance and competitiveness of every subject. At every step of an educational career, it is important that we understand how our peers are performing and how much we can aspire to raise our own grades in each subject. Looking at the ratings, we ensure that our students make it into the top percentiles every time.

GCSE Grade 9 in History (8.3%)
GCSE Grade 8 in History
GCSE Grade 7 in History
GCSE Grade 6 in History
GCSE Grade 5 in History
GCSE Grade 4 in History
GCSE Grade 3 in History
GCSE Grade 2 in History (7.2%)
GCSE Grade 1 in History (3.9%)
GCSE Grade 9 in History (1.4)

GCSE and A-Level at a glance

2021 A-Level Results

A Levels hold the key to university entrance. Strong A and AS Level performances will make the difference between attending a top university or having to settle for a lesser one. While all further education institutions bring unique benefits and are to be respected, the benefit of strong results here is being given the ability to choose your preference.

We keep track of the performance and competitiveness of every subject. At every step of an educational career, it is important that we understand how our peers are performing and how much we can aspire to raise our own grades in each subject. Looking at the ratings, we ensure that our students make it into the top percentiles every time.

A-Level Grade A* in History
A-Level Grade A in History
A-Level Grade B in History
A-Level Grade C in History
A-Level Grade D in History (6.9%)
A-Level Grade E in History (1.9%)
A-Level Grade U in History (0.3%)

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Our Super Tutors are capable of matching the software you are comfortable with: Zoom, Skype, Microsoft Teams and Google Meet are all on the menu – this way, it is much easier for anyone to get onboard. We all make use of interactive whiteboards and a selection of engaging digital tools enabling us to deliver visually rich and memorable class sessions. Sessions can be recorded at your request, wherever possible, and can be reviewed for later reference. 

We plan classes based on your child’s individual needs. Your child receives undivided attention. They can access online courses to go through concepts and topics during their free time, refer to material as needed and revise what they learn during online classes.

Our Online Super Tutors teach your child Maths, English, Sciences, Modern Languages, Geography, History and Coding. Or everything the UK school curriculum covers for KS3 and KS4, including GCSE/iGCSE and up to their A-Levels.

It is legal to homeschool your child. The law in the United Kingdom states that children of compulsory school age (5-16 years old) must receive full-time education suitable to their age, aptitude, ability and any special educational needs that they have. Children can receive education by attending a school or at home.

We offer a complete homeschooling package covering your child’s literacy (including computer science) and numeracy needs. Our online homeschool is designed to provide an enriching learning experience to your child within the comfort of their home. Speak to a consultant today to answer all your questions.

Classes start at 60 minutes per session but can run as long as requested. We believe that practice makes perfect and that each session should be supplemented with some kind of homework or follow-up activity. We always recommended that students, parents/guardians and teachers coordinate efforts to make sure that what is learned is honed to perfection in between class sessions.

We offer a free consultation for every student to understand their individual needs.

We seek to provide excellent tuition, mentorship and extra-curricular support for all of our students. Every tutor is classed as a Super Tutor thanks to a track record of success raising grades at multiple levels – from KS2 11 Plus entrance exams, through the Secondary practice tests, up to GCSE, A-Level and university. Some of our tutors also teach adults – especially for languages and niche subjects. Contact us today to arrange a consultation and find out more.

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