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At Online Super Tutors, firstly we understand the increasing importance of academics on-the-go. As the world undergoes radical shifts, there is a growing need to have a platform where students of all ages can access premium-quality educational content, participate in rich developmental activities and meet peers from other parts of the world. 

We focus on creating a holistic learning environment, championing outdoor and extra-curricular activities to supplement online learning. Each lesson is planned to give students exposure to various nuances, helping them hone their critical thinking and creative skills. 

We have a range of extra-curricular courses which can be taken online, as well as discounted activities where students are encouraged to engage outdoors, away from the screen.

For adult learners, we also provide classes in almost every subject as well specialised  language courses for those in need of foreign language certification.

Designed to champion students’ innate abilities

Created and led by Mensa members, who have a strong legacy in academics, we have brought together a team of highly-experienced, immensely knowledgeable and extremely creative tutors. 

We know that every child has a unique ability. That’s why we select only the best, qualified tutors with at least 5 years experience. Each is completely equipped to transform your learning experience by using tested teaching methodologies guaranteed to sharpen various skill sets in students – both children and adults.

There’s something for every type of learner at Online Super Tutors.

Wait, there's more

We know how difficult it can be to adjust to the changes we face nowadays. For this reason, we offer free legal advice to help with funding tuition (up to 80% discounted), as well as a wide range of other family legal issues. 

Not only that, but we also give you access to an expert careers advisor, who can guide you through the rocky landscape of employment choices.

From first jobs to final jobs, help with writing applications and CVs to dealing with maternity leave choices, we can offer help and support to see you through to safer waters.

We Are OST

"Online Super Tutors has an inspired and intellectual team who are passionate about education and student development. Their team includes qualified teachers and specialists in many fields."

Digital Helpers

Online Super Tutors is the UK’s premier online learning platform, dedicated to empowering students of all ages with powerful learning tools and premium-quality education. We also provide classes for adults, on top of personalised career and legal advice.

Our main aim is to get everyone in the family on top of their education. We work with mature students, younger students and their parents, helping them to understand the digital world. 

Education is changing fast, not just for schools and academies, but also for working adults who need to keep up.

We provide a wide range of support to stay in the know, from tuition for all age groups, to careers advice and legal assistance for everyone in need of extra benefit and help in these tricky times.

Andrew and his team are available to help you get in-the-know and understand your best next steps. If you want to give the entire household quality tuition as well as expert advice and much needed peace of mind – choose Online Super Tutors as your trusted academic partner today.

Andrew Reid – Founder

With over 20,000 hours of tutoring experience under his belt, our founder Andrew Reid, has supported over 1000 students in a wide range of educational challenges, from entrance examinations, to GCSEs, A-Level and university modules.

Andrew’s unique academic pedigree shapes his vision for Online Super Tutors. He was awarded the BA Honours from Sussex University in Linguistics with Artificial Intelligence. This background has enabled him to sharpen his ability to make sense of discrete information, connect the dots and draw informed conclusions – a skill Andrew passes onto his students at Online Super Tutors.

This holistic approach to subject matter enrichment and language learning allows students to think critically and find inventive ways to explore and learn their subjects. It also helps students think calmer during examinations and perform significantly better under stress.

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We Solve Real Problems

We Believe In Hard Work And Dedication​

One stop classroom for a variety of subjects

At Online Super Tutors, we offer classes on most of the subjects that are taught at UK schools. Our super tutors have multi-disciplinary expertise, enabling them to train students holistically, while making easy the nitty-gritties of each subject. We are also certified in international certifications such EFL and IELTS.

The varying degrees of complexity ensure that our classes and courses engage students of different learning styles and calibres. With our help, you and your child can be ready to apply for an education placement or job overseas - in no time.

Personalized teaching pedagogy designed for student comfort

All of our courses and classes are offered in both one-on-one and group sessions. The free consultations give you the opportunity to explore your various options and choose a learning style and environment that works best for you or your child.

Every curriculum is designed keeping in mind the student's academic requirements and learning challenges. We focus on amplifying their strengths and bridging any gaps that may be present.

Extensive experience teaching children with learning disabilities

Our super tutors have a cumulative experience of multiple decades, tutoring children and adults of diverse ages and aptitudes.

We are particularly equipped to identify and work with students who have been diagnosed with learning disabilities like Dyslexia, Dyspraxia and Autism. Our focus is on ensuring every student learns in a friendly and supportive environment devoid of the pressure of negative competition.

Affordable pricing, suitable for all budgets

Our focus at Online Super Tutors, is to make quality tutoring accessible to everyone. Our classes, courses and activities are priced at very affordable rates.

We also regularly offer discounts that you can avail of. Our complimentary trial class brings you a risk-free opportunity to try our tutors for fit and make a wise investment in your child’s future.

Focus on holistic personality development and future-skilling

The non-academic student development activities we offer at Online Super Tutors, have been specifically crafted to upskill your wards to be ready for the job market.

Every skill they acquire and hone, will allow them to develop competencies that are in high demand in today’s world. This gives your children an edge over competitors, helping them trailblaze their way into their chosen careers.

Classes and courses

Why struggle to find multiple teachers for you and your children, when you can find qualified and experienced tutors for all the subjects you need - under one single roof? We offer a variety of exercises and homework, designed to engage and stimulate young minds as well as consolidate knowledge.

We offer tutoring for students from secondary education up to A-level and university, in almost every subject. Our team also includes EFL and IELTS trainers, who can train you to successfully complete EFL Cambridge and IELTS certificates.

Remote classes & Home-Schooling

At Online Super Tutors, our extensive list of classes and courses are also available in remote format. Designed to offer the greatest flexibility to your children, our one-on-one remote classes can be taken from anywhere you are.

Remote classes work on a flexible schedule. Feel free to let us know what time and dates work for you. Our tutors can hold the remote classes on any video platform of your choice, including Skype, Zoom, Google Meet and Microsoft Teams.

In order to ensure maximum knowledge retention, we make use of presentation tools, whiteboards, videos, audio files and a host of other engaging software.

One-to-one & group learning

Our focus at Online Super Tutors is on maximizing each student's learning outcomes. This is why we don’t offer a cookie-cutter learning environment. Our tutors understand that while some students thrive in a classroom setting, others work better as solitary learners.

This is why we offer both one-on-one individual learning classes and group, peer-assisted classes for students. You are free to choose the mode of instruction. One-on-one classes are tailored to the bespoke needs of the students, while group classes focus on facilitating peer-to-peer communication and exchange of information.

Both one-on-one and group classes are conducted during term times and the holiday season. We also offer crash courses for those who wish to get intensive training just prior to their examinations.

Home-schooling in Detail

Are you home schooling your child? At Online Super Tutors, we have tailored, one-on-one learning activities that are designed specifically to address the needs of home-schooled students. We work with you and other tutors your ward may have, to develop a curriculum that suits your unique learning needs.

Our tutors have experience teaching home-schooled students from Key Stage 2 and upwards. We provide you with live classes, digital workbooks and test material, so your child can prepare for the upcoming examination. Our team as experience working with every examination board in the UK. Feel free to contact us to get enrolled or for more information on home-schooling.

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