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Our Super Tutors cover all subjects at all levels – including adult-learners. Personalised one-to-one sessions, home-schooling and careers advice are all available to help catch up or get ahead.

Every session designed to suit your individual needs

1.  Online Super Tutors are qualified teachers, tutors and consultants – specialists at making classes engaging and advice sessions productive. 

2.  Classes are designed specifically for each student, starting with a free consultation to create a clear plan for success. 

3.  Decades of combined of experience means we find smart, sustainable ways to manage challenges and improve personal outcomes . Let’s talk…

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Get access to our expert Super Tutors, capable of teaching multiple subjects for a range of different age groups. Choose your class and the level you need, book one of our experts and get the first class for free.


Online learning is proving itself to be an increasingly effective way of teaching students to the highest of levels. We provide options for students to get the best instruction - without attending a school and gain any qualification they need.


Speak to our expert careers advisor today and discover a wide range of opportunities - whether you are changing jobs, writing CVs and applications, or returning form maternity leave, our specialist can help you.


We also offer group courses with intensive programmes designed to catch up or get ahead. Along with our recommended 'away from the screen' activities, these provide essential peer-focused and real world learning experiences.


Every student is given a free assessment and consultation to work out strengths, weaknesses and build a personalised plan to ensure the best strategy for learning and personal development.


See if you qualify for up to 80% discounted from your tuition costs. Many people are entitled to support without knowing - find out about this and many other services and assistance today.

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Redefining education

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What do you need?


  1. Quality tuition?
  2. Guidance with online everything?
  3. Help with paying for tuition and services?
  4. Careers advice?
  5. Solutions in a post-Covid world?
We can help with all of these

At Online Super Tutors, firstly we understand the increasing importance of academics on-the-go. As the world undergoes radical shifts, there is a growing need to have a platform where students of all ages can access premium-quality educational content, participate in rich developmental activities and meet peers from other parts of the world. 

We focus on creating a holistic learning environment, championing outdoor and extra-curricular activities to supplement online learning. Each lesson is planned to give students exposure to various nuances, helping them hone their critical thinking and creative skills. 

We have a range of extra-curricular courses which can be taken online, as well as discounted activities where students are encouraged to engage outdoors, away from the screen.

For adult learners, we also provide classes in almost every subject as well specialised  language courses for those in need of foreign language certification.

Designed to champion students’ innate abilities

Created and led by Mensa members, who have a strong legacy in academics, we have brought together a team of highly-experienced, immensely knowledgeable and extremely creative tutors. 

We know that every child has a unique ability. That’s why we select only the best, qualified tutors with at least 5 years experience. Each is completely equipped to transform your learning experience by using tested teaching methodologies guaranteed to sharpen various skill sets in students – both children and adults.

There’s something for every type of learner at Online Super Tutors.

wait, there's more

We know how difficult it can be to adjust to the changes we face nowadays. For this reason, we offer free legal advice to help with funding tuition (up to 80% discounted), as well as a wide range of other family legal issues. 

Not only that, but we also give you access to an expert careers advisor, who can guide you through the rocky landscape of employment choices.

From first jobs to final jobs, help with writing applications and CVs to dealing with maternity leave choices, we can offer help and support to see you through to safer waters.

And remember – members get even more… 

Benefits of our membership

All of our Membership benefits are yours for just £19 a month. Our members get extra resources, newsletters, free educational materials, and attractive discounts.


In-Depth Education

Our expert instructors have more than 100,000 hours of combined teaching experience and can help students gain confidence and proficiency in every subject. Book monthly or termly blocks and get extra discounts

More Every Month

New materials are added every month. Being a member gives you access to free information and study materials to assist in every subject. Our newsletter provides invaluable news and views to keep you informed.

Family & Community

With free education consultancy, free careers advice and legal assistance to help pay for everything, we have you covered. Membership gives you access to further telephone consultations.

Live Office Hours

Communicate with our team of advisors around the clock. Whether by telephone, video call, email or chat, support is always at hand. As a member, you receive priority support with your questions answered as soon as humanly possible.


Besides being 'Online' Super Tutors, we recommend and provide discounts for all manner of arts, crafts, sports and fitness activities. While we encourage students to get out to participate, some can also be accessed online.

Study Groups & Make-Alongs

The opportunity to join music, chess and coding clubs (to name but a few) - both online and face-to-face brings an added dimension along with discounts for members.

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