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Online Super Tutors – learning opportunities designed for the entire family.
  • Whether you want to home school your children or learn a second language, we offer everything.
  • All our programs are offered via remote learning, focusing on helping students and their families navigate an increasingly challenging post-pandemic world.
  • We work with experienced teachers with engaging personalities, capable of tapping into each student’s ability and building a strong rapport.
  • We also encourage students to engage in a wide range of extracurricular activities and have teamed up with clubs dedicated to helping students stay fit and healthy, both physically and mentally balanced.
  • Besides tutoring, we also offer free advice, consultation, and assessment for learning difficulties, such as dyslexia, dyspraxia, and autism.
  • We also offer legal consultation and careers advice for free* for all kinds of family issues, including getting up to an 80% refund for any academic classes – both one-to-one and group courses/home-schooling.
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Membership benefits include

Our membership program costs just £19 a month. Enrolling for our membership program gives you excellent benefits, such as:

Extra resources

Our members also get extra resources, such as reading material or practice material, that help them master the subject quickly and more efficiently. We offer online practice tests and timed assessments that could help you get a better understanding of your subject. We also offer guides and e-books that could simplify your learning journey with us.


By becoming a member, you also receive our weekly newsletters for free. Our newsletters give you weekly updates and news that you are interested in. It also serves to inform you of all our new programs and services and any event that could benefit you.

Offers and Prize Giving

At Online Super Tutors, we come up with numerous events and offers throughout the year. Our valuable members are the first ones to be notified of upcoming offers and events. We also offer prizes at several of our events, which you can win by becoming a member today.

Free educational materials

Educational materials support learning and can significantly improve your learning achievement. They can help your learning process by allowing you to explore the subject on your own as well as providing repetition. Learning material can also add important structure to lesson planning and the delivery of instructions. By availing of our membership program, you get educational materials without having to pay any additional fee.


At Online Super Tutors, we cover all subjects from the secondary school level to GCSE and beyond. We also help students and professionals prepare for English language tests, such as the IELTS, Cambridge Advanced, and the Cambridge FCE. By enrolling for our membership program, you can get attractive discounts on all the programs offered by us. Becoming a member could help you save on the numerous courses and programs that we have to offer.

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Free Membership

£ 0 GBP per month
  • Weekly Newsletter
  • Free Eductional Materials
  • Extended Priorty Support
  • Discounted Classes & Courses
  • Discounts For Extra-Curricular Activities
  • Monthly Consultation Meetings
  • 12 Months For Price of 10 (>16% discount)

Monthly All-Access

£ 19 GBP per month
  • Weekly Newsletter
  • Free Eductional Materials
  • Extended Priorty Support
  • Discounted Classes & Courses
  • Discounts For Extra-Curricular Activities
  • Monthly Consultation Meetings
  • 12 Months For Price of 10 (>16% discount)

Yearly All-Access

£ 190 GBP per yearly
  • Weekly Newsletter
  • Free Eductional Materials
  • Extended Priorty Support
  • Discounted Classes & Courses
  • Discounts For Extra-Curricular Activities
  • Monthly Consultation Meetings
  • 12 Months For Price of 10 (>16% discount)

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Our Super Tutors are capable of matching the software you are comfortable with: Zoom, Skype, Microsoft Teams and Google Meet are all on the menu – this way, it is much easier for anyone to get onboard. We all make use of interactive whiteboards and a selection of engaging digital tools enabling us to deliver visually rich and memorable class sessions. Sessions can be recorded at your request, wherever possible, and can be reviewed for later reference. 

We plan classes based on your child’s individual needs. Your child receives undivided attention. They can access online courses to go through concepts and topics during their free time, refer to material as needed and revise what they learn during online classes.

Our Online Super Tutors teach your child Maths, English, Sciences, Modern Languages, Geography, History and Coding. Or everything the UK school curriculum covers for KS3 and KS4, including GCSE/iGCSE and up to their A-Levels.

It is legal to homeschool your child. The law in the United Kingdom states that children of compulsory school age (5-16 years old) must receive full-time education suitable to their age, aptitude, ability and any special educational needs that they have. Children can receive education by attending a school or at home.

We offer a complete homeschooling package covering your child’s literacy (including computer science) and numeracy needs. Our online homeschool is designed to provide an enriching learning experience to your child within the comfort of their home. Speak to a consultant today to answer all your questions.

Classes start at 60 minutes per session but can run as long as requested. We believe that practice makes perfect and that each session should be supplemented with some kind of homework or follow-up activity. We always recommended that students, parents/guardians and teachers coordinate efforts to make sure that what is learned is honed to perfection in between class sessions.

We offer a free consultation for every student to understand their individual needs.

We seek to provide excellent tuition, mentorship and extra-curricular support for all of our students. Every tutor is classed as a Super Tutor thanks to a track record of success raising grades at multiple levels – from KS2 11 Plus entrance exams, through the Secondary practice tests, up to GCSE, A-Level and university. Some of our tutors also teach adults – especially for languages and niche subjects. Contact us today to arrange a consultation and find out more.

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