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JM Mugwanya

James can assist you with all things to do with the law.

Services & experience

James is trained lawyer and social worker. A specialist in both domestic and international human rights, advocacy, and empowering, James has been a qualified legal expert for many years and specialises in helping people in need of justice and equality. He has assisted countless people with a myriad of social issues and is highly skilled at getting results and winning cases.

James can help you legally to express your views, rights, feelings and wishes. He can stand up for you or empower you. Through Legal Services & Consultancy UK, James and his team of advocates focus on social, employment, housing and immigration cases.

As a key advisor to Online Super Tutors, James is able to help with securing funding for tuition fees for those eligible for Childcare. Additionally, he can provide vital support and management with the following legal situations:

Children Services

Mental Health & Disability

Marriage & Divorce

Counselling Services

Landlords & Tenancy Issues

Anti-social Behaviour


Prejudice & Discrimination at Work

Unfair Treatment & Wrongful Dismissals

Visas, Visits, Citizenship & Naturalisation

Deportation Cases

Additionally, James and his team provide a bridge for people needing to understand court procedures, secure barristers or solicitors, and can act as a McKenzie Friend for those unrepresented in court. 

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