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Due to slow global economic growth, global climate change, deteriorating geo-political relation and bleak future of the EU, students pursuing accounting and other related majors are expected to be wary. The concerns are exacerbated by deteriorating job market statistics across the globe.

Our writers took time off their busy schedule of providing dissertation help UK to assess the future of accounting and accountancy profession. This will form an interesting read for students enrolling for college and universities who are torn between accounting profession and other upcoming hot majors like data science.

1. Every industry needs an accountant.

Bear in mind every business requires someone who can handle money and accounts, deal with financial institutions and so on. Then these companies need your services of a professional accountant with the necessary qualifications.

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2. You can establish a business of your own or accountancy company.

The best thing about accounting is that you can decide to be an entrepreneur since being an accountant enables you understands the ins and outs of different industries and markets. If you are a highly experienced and knowledgeable accountant with the right skills and qualifications, you can be an independent account, establish your company and hire other accountants as well.

3. You can work abroad.

Having the qualification of ACCA, you have an excellent opportunity to work in over 120 states. You might also be employed in large enterprises that would love to send you to various nations in the world. Therefore, being a professional accountant is a professional passport.

4. More consultation, less number crunching.

It is good to note that accountants are not mathematicians; rather they act as advisors and record-keepers for customers and communicator.

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5. Seasons to make handsome cash.

During the financial year, accountants are required for auditing and assessment quarterly or at the end of each fiscal year. As an accountant, you will be needed to deal with taxation, speculation and financial planning of the following season. Note that this is a highly busy season for accountants.

6. Grow your connections with volunteer work.

According to the latest findings, many prominent organizations such as UN, WHO, and Amnesty are in dire need of accounting professional. This is because they are always short of finances and they need the work done through volunteering. As a skilled accountant volunteer, you will be interacting with many individuals of high calibre that can assist you to go far. The people can write you a good recommendation letter, connect you to other experts or even get you a job with these agencies.

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7. A degree is not a must.

Accounting is all about skills and professional qualifications. The good thing is that you can study on your own, or join a learning institution that provides the required skills and expertise. ACCA is a perfect way to find a job at your age, the pay is awesome, and it is accepted in almost all countries in the world.

8. High demand for accountancy skills.

It is evident that businesses will always need a finance expert in different industries. In any place that money is involved, an accountant is required.

9. Accounting is your parachute.

Note that accountancy is one of the professions that are rarely affected by political changes and cutbacks. The moment has times experienced in the economy; firms tend to reduce costs and layoff some workers. In most occasions, the layoff exercise affects the marketing, sales and other departments. The accounting department is one that cannot afford to lay off one of their staff unless qualification issues are involved.

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10. Online Tutors and freelancers.

Just like any other profession, accounting is becoming multidisciplinary, crosscutting other fields including statistics, computer science, machine learning and human behaviour. As a result, accounting students would be required to have in depth knowledge in other fields.

Due to limited time to study subjects like statistics, there will be need to employ accounting dissertation writers with knowledge in specialized subjects like statistics, programming and machine learning. Besides, as the profession grows in complexity and demand increases we expect more accountants will work as freelancers. As companies will tend to employ these specialized skills on a need-by-need basis.


Having an accounting degree is not enough to succeed in the job market. Since accounting is fully computerized in the current days. You do not have to implement complex formulas for you to calculate sums involving huge numbers since computers and specialized software will comfortably do that for you. For the accountants to be able to communicate with customers from different sectors, they need to have a strong communication and computer skills.

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