Is The Internet Making Us Less Social, Or More Social? Super Tutor Research

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The internet sometimes gets a bad rep since there are many who argue that easy access to things like online gaming, social media, and adult live cam sites is making humanity less social. There are two ways to look at this issue however.

Is it making us less social?

In certain ways, it can definitely be argued that the internet makes us less social. There’s less of a need to go out to public places to meet people, since you can just go on line. The best free webcam socials offer a lot better of an experience for the average person than going to pick up someone in a bar. Social media and ‘selfie culture’ also makes it so that people are more likely to be on their devices even when in company. Many people would rather spend hours trying to get the perfect picture with their friends than to actually spend time with their friends.

Super Tutor - Social Media Affects Marriage

Arguing that it’s completely bad is an incorrect way of looking at it however. There will be always be people who misuse things that otherwise have a positive impact on society. Just because one person overeats themselves to obesity, does not mean that food is inherently bad.

Is it making us more social?

There’s a flip side to each of the negative scenarios mentioned earlier. It’s true that people are more likely to go online to visit adult live cam sites or dating sites, but that doesn’t mean people aren’t meeting in person.

The main purpose of dating sites is to find people that you’d like to meet with. In reality, it’s just saving people the time of not having to go out of their way to look for someone that they’d like to go on a date with, they can easily find someone thanks to the internet.

Super Tutor - Social Media Can Be Beneficial

Many people who meet on online sites go on to become good friends and may even meet up if their locations allow it. Someone who has trouble making friends benefits greatly from the internet in this way.

A person who has a low self-esteem won’t want to go out to mixers and parties to meet people. It’s much easier for them to instead interact with others online. Even something temporary like the best free webcam girls can help them feel less isolated and eventually make them more likely to meet up with others face to face.

Super Tutor - Social Media Destroys Conversation

The internet shouldn’t be viewed as something that hinders social interaction, but rather as a tool that helps to streamline relationships. It makes it easy to meet like-minded people, it makes it easy to stay in contact with friends and families who are far away, and it makes it easy to get out of your shell if you’re socially stunted.

Online communities may sometimes get a bad reputation, but the growth of the internet has done a lot more good for our social lives than it has done bad. Ask yourself, how else would you keep in touch with all your online friends?

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