Benefits of Chiropractic Care for Children

Seeing a chiropractor can benefit children in many ways.  Yes, children seem to bounce back quickly from injuries but there can be long-term effects from misalignments that can develop in their spine. 

Most young children are unable to verbalize when they are uncomfortable, in pain, or sore, so the underlying cause is left untreated for too long.  This can cause it to develop into a problem later in life that is more severe.

When your child sees a chiropractor after an injury, they can check their spine to see if there are any issues.  Your child’s nervous system can be protected with early spine care.  Their spinal cord, spinal nerves, and brain are responsible for immune, digestion, and respiratory system function along with elimination of body waste.  All of these need to develop correctly to help promote long-term wellness and health.

chiropractor will do adjustments to children based on their weight and age.  The adjustments normally do not require very much pressure and are gentle, even for infants.  Children seem to react faster to the treatment.  There are many benefits to chiropractic treatment for children.

One benefit is early detection.  The spine of an infant will grow during the first year by 50%, and within two years, it will double in size.  Scoliosis is a condition that can affect a child’s spine.  It is an abnormal curvature of their spine.  If it is diagnosed in the earlier stages, it is easier to correct before it becomes a permanent problem.

Children who play sports have a high rate of sports-related injuries.  This can include compression fractures, herniated discs, and more.  Cheerleading, gymnastics, team sports, and dance can all cause injuries to the spinal column.  Symptoms may not show up for years but they can cause a lifetime of pain and aches.

If your child is having trouble sleeping, a visit to a chiropractor could help improve their sleep.  Getting enough sleep will help improve their attention span, behavior, and more.  Chiropractic treatments can also help a child have better a better mood and better concentration.  The treatments can help a child release tension.

Many infants suffer from colic and it has been found that within 14 days of chiropractic treatments, 94% of infants showed improvement.  Their symptoms had lessened, they were more comfortable, the intensity of colic episodes had decreased, and the length of crying had decreased.  The improvements were maintained after four weeks of treatment.

Children seem to spend a lot of time on their laptops, cell phones, and game consoles today plus lugging around heavy backpacks.  If they are not getting enough physical exercise, it can cause an imbalance in their developing spine, which can lead to poor posture.  Controlled, gentle spinal adjustments can help to improve their posture by relieving muscle tension and pressure.


When taking your child to a chiropractor, make sure that they specialize in treating children.  There are many benefits of chiropractic care for children that could help to prevent problems and pain later in life.

If you would like further information on therapeutic treatments and activities to boost your child’s development, contact us today!

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