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Tim Haigh

Experienced super tutor with a passion for science and shaping a better world.

Tutoring Experience and Qualifications

Tim Haigh is a very experienced tutor providing instruction for students at GCSE, A-level and university entrance levels. He specialises in senior secondary students, with a specialist focus on physics and mathematics. Tim has amassed many hours of experience and shares his wealth of knowledge and wisdom with his students as they approach their most important exams. He brings an engaging and logical approach to class sessions and empowers students to become both proficient and confident in their own ability.

An able polymath, Tim is also able to give quality lessons dealing with theoretical and practical computer science to degree level. He works online and face to face with individuals and groups. His experience includes public private and industrial  (IT)sectors in which he has he has experience of the planning, analysis and design of large scale computer systems. 

Tutoring Vision

Tim has a strong pedigree in humanitarian efforts outside the classroom as well as providing quality, conscientious teaching within it. He has engaged in considerable voluntary commitments to addressing social problems of unemployment and homelessness both in the UK and abroad. Tim was awarded an OBE in 2016 for his commendable efforts.

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