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Fatima Patel

1st class maths teacher with a passion for high level maths and classical Fusha Arabic.

Tutoring Experience and Qualifications

After completing her A-Levels in Maths, English Literature and Sociology, Fatima pursued her passion of the subject of Maths in 2008 by completing a BSc at Queen Mary University of London. Through dedication and hard work she obtained a First Class Honours with a score of over 80% in all the 24 modules she studied.

Whilst in her final year of University, Fatima started working part time at a tuition centre. This was when she realised that teaching would be her chosen career path. In 2012, Fatima completed her PGCE course at the University of East London and gained her Qualified Teaching Status (QTS) when she started her first role as a Maths teacher at a school in North London where she has now taught for 10 years.

Whilst at the school, Fatima fulfilled various responsibilities such as: mentoring new and trainee teachers, leading CPD sessions, tutoring GCSE and A level students and creating resources for KS4 and KS5.

Fatima has also been studying and learning the Arabic language with various teachers in London and in Egypt over many years. She is able to teach Arabic Fusha and Tajweed as well as beginners level Arabic language.


Tutoring Vision

Fatima’s approach to teaching and tutoring involves creating a rapport with students so they feel comfortable and confident to have a go at questions and make mistakes. Through these mistakes she is able to help students recognise misconceptions and lead them into the correct, deeper and lasting understanding of the topic.

Fatima always asses prior knowledge of each topic which are the foundations of any new topic. She has a very personalised approach for each student and plans her tutoring sessions accordingly whether it is covering basics of algebra and number, exam practice, help with homework or general review of the curriculum. Parents always mention an increased score in their child’s school assessments after just a few sessions of tutoring with Fatima.


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