Why Travel Is The Best Learning Experience

With the current situation in Russia and Ukraine, it is more important than ever to understand other peoples and places. By visiting foreign countries and learning about them for ourselves, we can help the next generation better understand the world at large. Almost everyone agrees that along with the education you receive in the classroom, you need worldly education as well. Textbooks and courses are not enough to teach you about the world and how it works. It can merely offer you a part of what you need to complete your learning experience.

While school education is crucial, that does not mean you should hold back from every other aspect of life. One of the best ways to educate yourself and learn about the world is by travelling. Travelling is an integral part of balanced learning – one that lets you learn by experience. You can read about the Himalayas or the Caribbean, but nothing matches the on-hand experience you get by being there. Here are a few ways travel offers you education.

The Chance To Learn New Languages

While English is the most commonly spoken language in the world, there are countries where you will find a limited number of people that speak English. When you are out to learn you cannot let such a small inconvenience hold you back, so why not learn (at least a bit of) the native language. It may be a time-consuming process, but it’s one that will leave you with a skill you can enjoy for the rest of your life.

You can take on the language through many means, from getting a tutor, making friends with locals and using an application, to watching movies, reading books, and so on. Just make sure you keep it basic and add to your language once you have a grasp on the basic matter.

Learning About Cultures

You may read about cultures and customs, but you cannot experience them until you have lived in the country. When reading about cultures and customs there is a great deal that gets lost during translation, yet when you experience them, you understand where they come from and why they are so significant.

Everyone in the world does not live the way you do, so why not break the barriers around you and take what the world has to offer. Only once you start travelling will you be able to enjoy their rich culture, art, ancestry, and so on. Learning what made them a nation, and how their history builds their future.

A Dive Into History

There is not a single history book that contains different viewpoints of what happened in any country. As we know the world is constantly shifting, shaping and creating nations that are limited by boundaries. Meaning every single country in the world has a rich and interesting history, one you can only learn by visiting the country.

Books may contain facts and figures, but they do not carry the emotions of the nation. So why not give your knowledge some perspective and learn what makes the nation so great. When you finally see these historical landmarks and walk through the space you are transported back into time. Walking the same ground as you imagine a completely different world. Breaking your perspective, you take a deep dive into their history until you are dripping with knowledge.

The World Today

As mentioned earlier, travelling teaches you a great deal about the world today. What you read in books has passed, however, what is interesting is what it has shaped. By travelling you get to live and learn about the world today. Understanding their political situation, social structure, economic workings, and so much more.

For instance, when you travel to third-world countries you will feel your mindset changing. You will find that they might not be the picture that the media or books have painted in your head. So why believe everything you read, when you can travel and discover the world for yourself?

Natural Beauty

Only by breaking free from your comfort zone will you be able to truly enjoy the beauty this world has to offer. You might live in one of the most beautiful cities in the world, but no two cities are the same. Something you will learn as you make your way throughout the world, is that each place has something special and you can see first-hand what natural beauty every city, town or village has to offer.

Travelling is not only about learning about history, but also about development. What once was acres and acres of land and jungle is now home to millions of people. Experiencing the transformation alone is a beauty in itself and seeing the outcome of these ever-changing landscapes can be very rewarding.

The Other Side Of The Coin

When you start to travel you will of course start to experience the new things the world has to offer. Most of this we don’t even consider day-to-day when living our normal lives. However, once you start to travel you take on things you never thought about before, seeing what the other half of the world has to offer.

It does not matter if you are petting the elephants, mountain climbing, dancing Samba, skydiving, or even skiing. Any new experience you take on will teach you a great deal, while offering you and your family endless amazing memories you will cherish for years to come.

Learn Who You Are

One of the best things about travelling is that it teaches you who you are. Learning about yourself is a key factor in life – one that no book can teach you. Only by offering you time to understand yourself can you truly learn who you are. Achieving new perspectives and improving your personality can help you to realise your true potential.

Compared to someone who has not travelled you will always have more grasp on topics, endless confidence, and a spark that others lack. Whether the experience is paradise-like, or a difficult challenge, traveling to different parts of the world gives you experiences that change you for life. Don’t put it off – we are never too old to learn…so try and find ways of getting out in the world. While offering you the second half of your education, you can add important everlasting experience to your children’s lives that will carry them forward with more knowledge and wisdom than you can imagine.

For more information on the benefits of travelling and for ideas on how to make it work for you financially, why not speak to one of the team and we’ll be happy to help you discover more of what the world has to offer.

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