What Are The Latest Trends In The Job Market?

Whether you’re just starting out in your career or you’re looking to change jobs, it’s important to stay up-to-date on the latest trends in the job market. The job market is an ever-changing environment and has become more volatile over the last few years in particular.

Knowing the current trends increases your chances of landing a good position. More importantly, it helps to know what’s out there that can be a good fit for your skills and interests. Here are some of the latest trends in the job market that you should be aware of. Keep reading if you’re looking for a new opportunity and keep these trends in mind!

Preference to Soft Skills

Human resource professionals tend to focus a lot on soft skills because they are more important compared to HUD skills. Some of the soft skills considered important include empathy, emotional intelligence, creativity, and communication skills.

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One thing to note is that these skills cannot be compared to a degree in the job market today. Even though these skills cannot be gauged on a resume or an interview, it is important to have them so that you stand out of the crowd of similar job seekers. Try adding extra information to your CV which highlights these skills. Additionally, make sure to network and use yourself as your best feature. More information on how to do this can found in our article on networking.

Work Flexibility

Technology is mostly responsible for the shift in work flexibility. By embracing emails, conference calls, and instant messaging, people have communicated and shared many types of tasks easily and handled work-related emergencies effectively. Right now, employees can work from home and also be able to attend different meetings from home.

Implementing AI in Recruitment Process

Artificial intelligence is becoming more popular in the recruitment process today. This emerging trend is where organizations implement artificial intelligence in some of their recruitment processes. Artificial intelligence tools like keyword scanners can establish whether or not your application meets the job requirements and will be picked for the next stage or be discarded. This is another reason why you need to upgrade your CV and even add a portfolio which showcases your skills or experiences in a different way. An increasing number of candidates are becoming comfortable with artificial intelligence, especially for the initial stage of the application process, so it is important to stand out from the crowd early on.

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Artificial intelligence is also used in improving accuracy in various automated tasks. Keep in mind that machine learning is also another skill that most companies embrace, so learn it to stay efficient, relevant and competitive.

The Shift to Remote Work

As a result of working from home during the pandemic, there has been a massive shift to remote jobs. Some companies are staffed by 100% remote workers, which saves them overhead expenses of rent, equipment, insurance and more. A job seeker should look for jobs in the remote work space for opportunities to work in and for any country in the world -all from the comfort of your home.

More Diverse Kinds of Work

There is currently more contract work, project work, and one-off commissions. This means that job seekers have to adapt to the jobs market. Many people want more flexibility and having a traditional salary-based job may not be on the cards anymore.

Employees Expecting Better Benefits

Staff expectations are on the rise, with employees seeking more extensive medical coverage, mental health support and remote working flexibility on top. As this is the case for most workers, who are looking out for themselves more than before, and therefore, better benefits package besides an improved pay package. This means that the companies that may want to hire these professionals will have to respond to this trend. With savings made from taking on remote workers, extra money in the kitty should be available to offer more lucrative packages.

Environmental Focus

People are not only thinking about social issues or social justice, they are getting more concerned with environmental issues due to the prospect of climate change.

Companies will need to respond to this if they want to keep customers, attract staff, and remain successful. Most people (including employees) prefer supporting businesses that take environmental responsibilities seriously. Something to bear in mind, especially when finding a suitable company and also for potential interview questions, where you can find out more about the company and give a good impression with your knowledge and/or concerns.

Brand Building

Similar to the previous point, potential employees are now looking for companies that match their morals and values. This has led to the need for various businesses and organizations to emphasize their mission and culture in their job adverts. The key trend is companies focus more on their culture whenever they post various job positions. This is in a bid to lure qualified staff members to want to work for their companies.

Action Against Workplace Harassment

Employers are morally and legally obligated to protect their staff from any kind of bullying or even workplace harassment. Professionals globally agree that preventing workplace harassment is not only an ideal to live up to, but also something that helps improve productivity when the workforce can appreciate company ethics.

As a result, many organizations today are coming up with policies aimed at combatting harassment and promoting a positive and inclusive work culture. To create a safe environment, a growing number of companies now also include safe zones and places where employees can seek help when they feel unsafe or even if they are experiencing troubles outside of the workplace.

Diversity in Hiring

Most businesses believe in having a diverse workforce, and this trend will not slow down anytime soon. Hiring diversity includes ethnicity and culture inclusivity, and LGBTQ representation. All-around inclusivity at the workplace can lead to better productivity and help organizations achieve higher profits.

Data Privacy

Multiple data breaches have always led to an outcry for improved data privacy in various organizations. There have been stricter data privacy regulations that have been put in place to bring this issue to the fore and do justice to all that need to share their data across the web. Employees want to feel safe and secure, especially when submitting their data to organizations.

As a job hunter, a company’s reputation in maintaining data privacy is something that must be considered. In some instances, companies have ready-prepared data privacy agreements with their employees, which, once signed, all parties expect to be honoured.

Pay Transparency

There has been an increase in pay transparency because employees want, and indeed deserve, to be paid fairly for their work. The outcry for pay transparency stemmed from companies seeking to tackle different inequalities like gender pay gaps. This movement has also helped to build trust in the workplace with an ever-increasingly diverse workforce. It also brings confidence and a platform for those employees that feel that they are being, or have been underpaid.

Final Take Away

The workplace is evolving, and businesses and employees have to adapt to remain relevant. In today’s job market, the trends we have discussed above are both relevant and prevalent. Therefore, making yourself aware of them and acting swiftly to adapt to them is highly recommended. Without a doubt, as a job seeker, adapting to these trends will increase your chances of getting a job. Good luck!

If you would like further information or would like to speak to an expert on that can help you find the right career, assist with educational matter or even help with legal issues, get in touch today – we’d be happy to help!

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