Top 5 Careers in the Creative Field

Here are the top five careers today, in the creative field.

Performing artists

While most careers require you to have high reach and contacts, your talent can take you very far when it comes to performing arts like singing and poetry.

Making a name for yourself in this field may take some time, but will soon bring you assignments after assignments like writing, hosting, and creating content for online platforms, especially now that online content has become one of the fastest ways for communities to reach more and more audiences. Sail to have a congruence with the 21st century skills and pursue your creative desires.


One of the most influential and beautiful things you can do with your knowledge, is to pass it on to others who seek it. With the importance and demand increasing for creative talent across various fields, the number of people trying to learn a new art is increasing each day, and it is not very easy to find reliable lessons, tutorials and teachers.

Super Tutors -Finding the right Super Tutor for your child.

If you have a knack for teaching and feel like you can help people grow, becoming an educator is one of the best choices for you. There are a number of online schooling platforms today looking for educators in various fields to expand their platform.

Training Personnel

Book knowledge is never enough for anyone to start working on any kind of projects. Getting trained under people with a good amount of knowledge and experience in particular fields cab help one realise and prepare for what actually happens in the practical world.

Super Tutors - Grammar vs Private Schools - teaching style

Personnel trainers are hired by various companies and individuals, to improve the skills and polish their employees. This does not only cover the exact technical areas, but trainers are regularly sought for receiving language and etiquette training, business training, workplace mannerisms and other non-technical fields.


Spoken word artists have created a place for themselves in the entertainment industry in the last few years. People have started to understand that storytelling is not as easy as it seems. Making the simplest of stories sound interesting and keeping the audience engaged requires a talent only a few have. A large number of storytellers that started off with small open mics and YouTube videos now run channels and platforms loved by the whole country. They are all constantly in demand and preferred for paid shows, television fillers and even advertisements and shows because of their popularity.


When thinking about “unconventional” careers in the past, photography is one of the first few that come to mind. But today, every kid with a DSLR dreams of working for large modelling projects, poster shoots, and various events.

People who started with doing one small photoshoot for a model years ago, get paid serious dollars today for photographing events. People seek out the best photographers to capture their weddings, functions, award shows, movie posters, portfolios and so much more.

If you are looking for help with careers in creativity or even assistance in academic help, contact one of the team today and we can point you in the right direction.

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