Teach Yourself How to Sew

Sewing is an exciting art that an individual can comfortably learn without much strain. The most critical part involves passion for learning the art and continuous practicing. If you are passionate about sewing, read along to learn how to sew.

Before starting the actual learning process, you will need to gather essential items that make the learning process easy and effective.

What do You Need?

• A Sewing Machine- You choose between a manual or an electric sewing machine. Choose a sewing machine based on your budget and needs. A manual sewing machine is preferable for a beginner.

• Threads- you need a collection of differently colored threads to match the garments and fabric to practice on. The simple and most basic colors are enough.

• Fabric scissors- you need a quality pair of scissors for cutting various fabrics.

• A rotary cutter and a measuring board are essential tools that facilitate the fabric cutting exercise.

• A seam ripper helps you undo any parts you may have wrongly stitched since it is common to make mistakes during the learning process.

• A measuring tape- is an essential tool for taking measurements to ensure that you make diverse garments in their proper sizes and shapes.

• A tomato pin cushion- the sewing process involves pins to align specific areas where the thread will pass through. The cushion will help you store your pins in one place and minimize accidents since they can be dangerous while kept incorrectly.

• You will also need chalk pencils for marking the fabric along the line you wish to cut.

• The fabric- you will need a material to practice your sewing skills. The quality and quantity may vary depending on your needs.

• Lastly, a sewing basket or box to store all your sewing items in one place and keep them safe

The Sewing Process

For this guide, we will give the steps for sewing a skater skirt for your friend. Sewing for a friend or a close relative may help take away the tension and fear of failure. Let’s dive into it!

Step 1: Take and Record Measurements

Successful sewing involves taking and recording measurements for a fitting garment as per your client’s needs.

Using the measuring tape, take measurements of your friend and record the units on plain paper or a records book. Measure the waist circumference and the height (all in inches). Ensure you use the same unit of measurement to avoid confusion.

Step 2: Let your Friend Choose the Fabric

Show your friend the various fabrics available and let her choose based on her preference.

Step 3: Lay and Cut the Fabric

Lay the fabric on your working table and draw the cutting line on the fabric using the chalk. Cut pieces to the desired size using the scissors or rotary cutter. Hold the material in one corner and let it spread on the table.

Avoid unnecessary mistakes since such would lead to material wastage. If the fabric contains unique patterns, follow them to avoid making a skirt that will not fit the specified design.

Step 4: Sew the Skirt

Stitch the skirt along the cut edges and give an allowance for a zip and a button. When you have successfully joined the skirt, fold your waist ribbon to the desired thickness so that the waist stands out and is unique from all other sections.

Sew up the zip and the button to complete the task.

Step 5: Let Your Friend Fit It

Allow your friend to fit in the new skirt and identify areas that may require any adjustment or correction.

Step 6: Make Adjustments

Since this is your first skater skirt, there will likely be errors, maybe along the waist, a few missed stitches, etc. Make adjustments and let your friend fit again to satisfaction.

Step 7: Repeat the Process with a Different Clothing

Repeat the process and sew another clothing for her, another friend, or a relative. The difference will be the type of clothing you make, the measurements, and how you lay and cut the fabric.

Why You Should Learn Sewing

If you learn how to sew a variety of outfits, you can make it your primary source of income. You can also become a tutor and teach others how to sew. You can also make your outfits as a hobby or relieve yourself of the stress of purchasing clothes that may not please you.

As you advance your skills and knowledge, you can be a fashion designer. On the other hand, you can sew during your free time and make extra money if you are employed.


Teaching yourself how to sew can be a challenging but exciting process. However, your attitude, determination, and practice will determine how best you perfect the art. The process demands that you have the essential tools before you start learning.

The seven critical stages of learning how to sew provide the basic information on how to sew. You can do further online research on how to sew different kinds of clothing—all the best as you teach yourself how to make great garments.

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