Is Online Learning The Way To Go?

Online learning is when a learner chooses to study their chosen subject with an online learning college through the internet. Normally you would be expected to access your course through a student portal, where you would find course materials, resources, videos and access to your Tutor.

How is it different?

This style of study is completely different to attending a conventional school or college and learners should ensure that the outcomes of their studies is going to provide them with what they need to progress.

How Online Tutoring Works

Many of us lead busy lives and sometimes actually attending a college to achieve your qualifications is too difficult, due to holding down a job, fetching the children from school, household chores etc. Life can be made easier, if you can tuck yourself away somewhere quiet at a time that suits you, to complete your studies.

You should remember that if you are studying your course online, although you will receive support from your Tutor, they will not be available 24 hours a day as obviously they will not work all day, every day. But in turn, when attending a college, it is likely you will only see your Tutor once a week to put forward any queries you may have.

Who is it for?

Self-motivation and dedication are important, as it is easy to become distracted and start doing something else, like watching your favourite programme on TV or sitting in the sun, when you should be studying. You should create a timetable for yourself and ensure that you dedicate those specific times and dates to your course.

You may also feel lonely studying by yourself and if you were to attend college, you very likely would have people to chat to in-between lessons. Some online providers provide forums that students can connect to and this way you can bounce ideas off other people and make new friends.

It seems clear that online learning is not for everyone and learners should consider carefully the options available to them in order to ensure that they make the correct choices. After all, this could have an impact on their whole career progression.

If you would like further information or would like to try out an online class, get in touch with us for a free first session.

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