Benefits Of Speech and Drama Enrichment In Child Development

child development

For children to thrive, they require creative freedom. They are able to express their imaginations and take their creativity to the next level. New neural connections are formed in the brain as a result, which is crucial for children. For child development to be optimal, it takes more than the standard academic teachings found at school.

Your children’s creativity will be boosted if you provide a medium for speech and drama enrichment. An enrichment program for speech and drama can have the following benefits on a child’s development.

1. Brain Development

From our childhood to our early twenties, 75% of our brain is developed. Therefore, it is crucial that this connection be formed during the earliest stages of development. Through enrichment and play when it comes to speech and drama, nerve cells are developed and strengthened.

Child Development

A child develops gross motor skills like coordination, walking, and jumping, as well as fine motor skills like detailed handwork and writing. You should therefore encourage your child to take part in drama and speech programs. Thus, the frontal lobe will become more connected.

2. Intelligence

Speech, play, and drama in early childhood have been associated with higher intelligence later in life. By involving your child in speech and drama at a young age, they will be more intelligent. The University of Arkansas found that babies who play with toys by age three have higher IQ scores.

Playing has also been shown to improve the cognitive, emotional, and linguistic development of children. Each of these factors is associated with a higher IQ and sense of intelligence. Make sure your child includes speech, drama, and play if you want to ensure that he or she is intelligent later in life.

3. Brain Executive Function

An executive function is related to skills related to planning, organizing, remembering details, managing time and focus, and determining when to say or not to say something. Additionally, it allows children to make use of past experiences and manage their emotions positively. Through the use of speech, drama, and play, all of these brain functions can be developed rapidly.

Children with a developed executive brain function get along well with others, do well in school, and make good decisions. Playing and speaking exercise your brain, giving your executive functions the workout they require. That is why it is best to incorporate speech and drama and play from an early age.

4. Creativity

Speech and drama enrichment sparks creative freedom, which is one of its most obvious benefits. Being creative ensures that you have original thoughts and ideas. Various studies show that playing, speaking, and acting can enrich a child’s creativity.

Children need to play freely as well as take part in speech and drama. In this way, they can express their creativity through games or anything else they find interesting. Creative expression is one of the best tools in a child’s arsenal in the long run.

5. Communication skills

Speech and drama in childhood have a significant impact on communication skills. University of Georgia researchers found that kindergarteners who played, especially pretend play, were better at writing, reading, and language. Studies have shown a link between speaking and drama skills and communication skills as well.

Practicing language and communication through pretend play is most beneficial since children learn by doing. This is because the children reciprocate one another’s actions and words to reach an agreement. As a result, if you want to improve your language and communication skills, speech and drama are the best ways.

If you would like further information on this topic or are concerned about your child’s development, please contact us and one of our specialists will be happy to help with free advice and testing available. Most importantly, don’t forget how essential it is to communicate with your children regularly. From asking their steady barrage of questions when young, to forming quality bonds through adolescence, our children learn best from their immediate environment, which means us parents!

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