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Mary Ling Wu

Chinese Mandarin teacher with a world of experience

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Tutoring Experience and Qualifications

I was born in China, so Mandarin is my native tongue and my full time career has always been in teaching.
After qualifying as a teacher at Hubei University I taught in China at both middle school and college level for 24 years before coming to the UK and retraining as a Mandarin teacher in 2008, since when I have been teaching pupils ranging in age from 5 to 16 one-to-one, both face to face and online, plus at an after-school Mandarin club.
For my youngest pupils I make lessons fun with lots of games and songs but for all ages I tailor my lessons to each pupil’s needs and interests.
I offer lessons at different levels, from beginner, through GSCE to advanced. Courses include some or all of the following as required: Everyday spoken Chinese, reading, writing and typing Chinese characters, listening and comprehension and Chinese culture. Specialist fields such as business or commercial can be provided upon request. On one occasion I provided a one month intensive refresher course for business professionals about about to travel to China.

Tutoring Vision

I am passionate about my subject. My aim is to build up my students’ confidence so as to help each individual realise their potential. I am very patient, easy-going and responsible. I’m sure you’ll enjoy my lessons. I devise a personal learning plan for each student, appropriate to their goals and capacity.

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