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Gabriella Bailey

Budding author Gabriella is a master at storytelling and literature. 

Tutoring Experience and Qualifications

Gabriella has recently graduated with an award-winning First Class Honours in English Literature and Language from the University of Oxford. She now carries these skills into her work as a tutor and her burgeoning career as a novelist. Her unparalleled academic skills paired with her passion and creativity makes Gabriella a highly sought-after tutor.

Gabriella offers specialist tuition in English literature and language at KS3, GCSE, and A-Level. She also comfortably teaches Art to A-Level, and History and French to GCSE, however she focuses on her strongest suit by offering English instruction for OST students.

Fostering a distinctly integrated attitude to learning, Gabriella encourages her students to see the rich connections and relationships between not only different literary texts but also different subjects and cultures. This interdisciplinary approach is shown to greatly enrich the process of learning itself.


Tutoring Vision

Gabriella has a unique ability to kindle the flame of curiosity, talent, and imagination in her students, no matter what stage they are at in their learning. Moreover, as a writer herself, she encourages not only academic proficiency but also an ability to think originally and write confidently. This holistic approach fosters outstanding academic standards coupled with original, creative thinking. With her thoughtful approach to learning and her academic artistry, working with Gabriella promises to be a highly rewarding and delightful experience.

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