A Levels or International A Levels? Which is best?

There is much confusion about the difference between UK A Levels and International A Levels and today I’d like to offer some clarity on this situation.

The term ‘A Level’ stands for advanced level qualifications and many students opt for this type of qualification as universities insist on these as part of the entry requirements. They are well respected and offer students more choices when mapping their career progression. Potential learners will probably have spotted that you can either opt for UK A Levels or International A Levels and wondered how this would affect them.

UK A Levels

There are various awarding bodies that award UK A Levels, such as AQA, Edexcel, OCR etc., and put simply UK A Level examinations can only be sat in the UK but once you have been awarded the qualification it can be accepted in various universities outside of the UK.

International A Levels

If you live outside of the UK, this will not stop you completing A Level subjects and a few of the awarding bodies that administer International A Levels are Pearson Edexcel and CAIE (Cambridge International). With these awarding bodies, the main difference is that Pearson International A Levels can only be sat outside of the UK, whilst CAIE will allow you to complete these subjects worldwide, including the UK. Being international, they are accepted throughout the world and can be useful if you are unsure where your career will take you. CAIE examinations can be sat in excess of 130 countries worldwide and really do open up opportunities for learners.

Are International A Level qualifications equivalent to UK A Level qualifications?

Many learners are under the false impression that International A Level qualifications do not match that of their UK counterpart. Just to clarify, an independent report by UK NARIC, the national agency in the UK for the recognition and comparison of international qualifications and skills, has concluded in it’s investigations that UK A Levels are comparable with International AS & A Levels. This should give all learners confidence with whichever route they choose.

It would seem UK or International A Levels serve a purpose and it is down to the individual to establish how they wish to use this valuable qualification in the future. Whichever option they choose to study, there is the opportunity to study a levels online, which will fit in with their lifestyle.

If you need a tutor for any A Level subject or would like to find out more information about studying, exams, university and the UK system, contact one of the team today for free advice and assistance.

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